Carpet Cleaning Services

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Carpet Savvy aims to provide a professional level of carpet cleaning services to all of our Bakersfield area customers. To do this, we utilize Hot Water Extraction (HWE), a type of steam cleaning, which is the only carpet cleaning method recommended by the top carpet manufacturers. Simply put, with temperatures over 230 degrees, HWE is the only method to sanitize carpets while also cleaning deep into the carpet fibers. Average drying time range from 4 – 6 hours, though heavily soiled carpets will take longer. If time is a concern, we will set up blowers for a speedier drying time. In addition, turning ceiling fans and your HVAC system fan on will accelerate the drying process. Carpet Savvy’s professional steam cleaning HWE process will not only improve the appearance of your carpet and remove stains, it will also improve your indoor air quality and extend the life of your carpeting.

Carpet Savvy’s Carpet Cleaning Process:

  1. Pre-inspection
  2. Vacuum
  3. Pre-spot/Pre-spray
  4. Move furniture (upon request)
  5. Hot Water Extract (HWE) / Steam Clean
  6. Apply deodorizer*
  7. Block/Tab furniture legs to prevent spots
  8. Apply Carpet Protector, if requested*
  9. Do a final groom of the carpet nap to set the pile
  10. Post-inspection walk through

Dealing with pet stains and odor?

We at Carpet Savvy know that even the best behaved pets will occasionally have an accident or become sick on your carpet or upholstery. The most important thing is to address the stain immediately. If it is left untreated it can result in additional damage to the carpet and pad. Call Carpet Savvy as soon as possible to let us handle those pet accidents for you. In some cases where the stain is minor, carpet cleaning services or lightly applying a deodorizer is all that is required. In other cases where the stain is older and deeper, a more thorough stain and odor removal process is typically necessary. Remember though, don’t try and scrub stains out – you could permanently damage your carpet fibers. Let us handle those problems for you.


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Regardless of what type of stain you’re dealing with, Carpet Savvy has the experience and tools to get the job done right. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.