Upholstery Cleaning Services

When is the last time you used an upholstery cleaning service?

Having your furniture cleaned is often one of the most overlooked tasks, yet it is the most commonly used item in your home. We don’t need to tell you what a number every day wear and tear from pets, kids – and well, life, can do to your upholstery. That’s why Carpet Savvy offers upholstery cleaning services utilizing hot water extraction methods, similar to what we use on your carpets, to give your furniture a deep steam clean. Just like with your carpets, our process will not only improve the appearance of your upholstery, but also remove stains and odors from the fabric.

Our Process

  1. Pre-inspection of furniture. Includes determining fabric type and identifying stains and section of concern.
  2. Pre-treat material. We apply an upholstery cleaning product to the fabric that will help to break up any ingrained soil. Discolored or stained areas are further treated by gently combing the pre-treatment in.
  3. Hot Water Extract (HWE). Using powerful steam cleaning equipment, similar to what we use on your carpets, to safely remove soils and stains that have made their way onto your furniture. Also similarly to carpet cleaning, regular professional upholstery cleaning not only improves the appearance of your furniture, but will also help it to last longer.

Protect It

scotchgard_on_colorCarpet Savvy recommends applying a furniture protector after every upholstery cleaning. A furniture protector is essential in helping to repel dirt and contaminants, and to safe guard against any future spills. This is an important step in not only keeping your upholstery cleaner longer, but in also prolonging the life of your furniture.

Just like with carpets and tile, your upholstery contains dirt and bacteria too. Regular upholstery cleaning is an important step to maintaining good indoor air quality and keeping your family protected from germs.


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