Below are a list of carpet cleaning FAQ we have received:

1. What is the normal expected drying time after the carpets are cleaned?

Usually, if it is a warm day or the room is well ventilated, we expect a range of 4-6 hours. Other factors that contribute to how quickly your carpets will dry include:

  • Age and condition of the carpet
  • Style or type of carpet
  • Initial amount of soil in the carpet
  • Whether or not we re-applied carpet protector

We can also use equipment to speed up the drying process – just ask us if you are interested.

2. Can you remove all stains?

Though we will try everything we can, there are some permanent stains that cannot be removed. In particular, pet stains, and stains involving artificial colorings are difficult to remove, but can usually be successfully lightened. We will identify these in our initial evaluation, try to remove as much of the stain as possible, and provide suggestions on repairing the area.

3. Why should we have our carpets steam cleaned?

The most important reason carpets should always be steam cleaned because it is the only cleaning process recommended by carpet manufacturers. To maintain the warranty on your carpet, you must regularly have your carpets steam cleaned.  Plus, steam cleaning has been found to not only to clean the surface of your carpets well, it is also fantastic for penetrating deep into the carpet fibers, where bacteria and stains like to hide, to get a deeper clean.

4. Should we get an estimate over the phone or in person for carpet cleaning?

Carpet Savvy always suggests that you have one of our technicians provide you with an estimate after they have had a chance to look over your carpets. We are able to provide a more accurate quote this way as we take into consideration several factors that we cannot do over the phone. Carpet Savvy is always happy to provide an estimate over the phone, should you request one*.

*Phone estimates are estimates only. A quoted price can only be provided after we completed an evaluation of your cleaning needs.

5. Why should I hire a professional to clean my carpets rather than doing it myself?

The top three reasons you should always hire a professional carpet cleaner are:

  • Experience – We at carpet savvy cleaning FAQCarpet Savvy have over 20 years of professional experience in removing stains and odor, and there’s no stain or issue we haven’t dealt with.
  • Equipment – Our commercial machines provide a professional cleaning power unmatched by any consumer machine available. This allows us to do an extremely deep cleaning to remove bacteria and stains, resulting in a considerably cleaner carpet than a consumer machine can do.
  • Time – Factor in the costs of renting equipment, purchasing all of the different solutions you will need to remove stains and clean, let alone the time it will take you to clean your carpets yourself… It makes sense to hire a professional carpet cleaner like Carpet Savvy. Your time is valuable, and the benefits of hiring a carpet cleaner are far greater than the small cost you might have saved.


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